Patient Referral Form for MOST: Use this form if you have an NTSP patient you’d like to refer to North Texas Respecting Choices and have invited the patient to a MOST conversation.

Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment (MOST): This document puts the advance directive into action by translating the patient’s treatment wishes into a medical order, centralizing information, facilitating record keeping, and ensuring transfer of appropriate information among healthcare professionals and across care settings.  Remember that the conversation supporting completion of a MOST form is only for patients who are terminal with advanced illnesses or for whom their physician would not be surprised if they died in the next 12 months. You can Provider Resources – MOST.

Spanish MOST document is to be used for conversational assistance with Spanish speaking patients.  Only the English version should actually be signed by the patient and forwarded for physician signature as caregivers need their instructions/orders in English”

MOST tri-fold brochure: This brochure is a patient and family resource that explains the intent of Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment.

We are committed to spreading the word about having conversations that matter with patients and families.  We have formed a statewide coalition-the Texas MOST Coalition- to encourage adoption of this approach to making patient’s wishes known with healthcare organizations throughout Texas.  Here is a FACT SHEET about MOST and the Coalition.”